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When you just want to offer a word of encouragement; or any small sentiment, our bearstones will relay the message for ya!
 These Teddy Bears (and a few Hares), introduced in 1993, are ready for any occasion!

Portraits of little girls or boys with their favorite Teddy or Doll, from Victorian times through today a child's world of Nostalgia and Dreams.

Charming Angels

Our intricately sculpted angels are inspired by Renaissance artwork, hand-hand painted and come with their very own charm!


The Faeriepetal Collection

This family of faeries is inspired by the beauty of nature and the petals that add color to our lives.

Amber Faeriedreams... Deep in the Forest
The Faeriewood Collection

Forest Faeries are very busy creatures...they flit and fly faster than you can imagine. Their job is to provide that little Buzz in your ear as you decide which Path to take, or what kind of Flower that is at the edge of the Brook. But all that activity also means that they need their Nap Times, too.'s Quiet Time here in the forest glade. If you walk through the woods very softly, you may find Amber or one of her tiny friends fast asleep...Mushrooms make excellent pillows for sleepy faerie noggins!


The Faeriefrost Collection

These faeries are present during the coldest Winter's day to add a touch of sparkle to the frosty air!


The Faeriefest Collection

When ever there is reason to celebrate a festive event, these faeries will come from far and wide to join in the fun!

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