- North Pole

At the North Pole, Santa and his elves busily work and sing, preparing all sorts of toys for children everywhere. An enchanting, frozen kingdom where snow never melts and Christmas never ends.

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The snow never melts.
Christmas never ends.
And children's dreams
always come true.

The home of everyone's favorite jolly old elf, Santa, Mrs. Claus and all their busy little helpers. Sprinkled with new-fallen snow, these brightly-lighted, porcelain buildings and fanciful accessories make for a legendary wonderland only Santa could imagine.

Started in 1990, these magical locales include Santa's very own home, the Reindeer Barn and Mrs. Claus's Greenhouse along with licensed pieces like ACME Toy Factory, Caribou Coffee Shop and LEGO® Building Creation Station.

                                                     Currently In Stock:

                                    56.56782 North Star Commuter Train Station (animated) $75.00


56.56235 Post Office $50.00 RETIRED

56.56742 Starlight Dance Hall (fiber optic) $75.00 RETIRED



56.56090 Santa & Mrs. Claus $15.00 RETIRED

56.56710 Ski Bums $22.50 RETIRED

56.56815 Kick Up Your Heels $13.50 RETIRED

56.56713 Open Wide! $13.00 RETIRED

56.56706 A Happy Harley Day (Harley Davidson) $17.00 RETIRED

56.56443 Happy New Year! $17.50 RETIRED



Decorated Peppermint-Bottom Trees (Set of 3) $17.50 RETIRED

Peppermint Road (12 Segments) $60.00 or $5.00 each RETIRED 

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56.56431 "Welcome To Elf Land" Gateway Entrance $35.00 RETIRED