- The Original Snow Village

The collection that started it all when a group of friends, seeing an old-fashioned river town decorated for the holidays with lights aglow, imagined a twinkling village underneath their Christmas tree.


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A tradition built on
Small Town, USA

It wouldn't seem like the holidays without the wreaths on the windows, the brightly decorated streets or the quaint, old-fashioned small town wrapped in festive attire. Created in 1976, the Original Snow Village still represents for so many the holidays of their childhood. And the Christmases of their dreams.

The finely detailed, hand-painted, glossy ceramic buildings twinkle in the light of holiday joy. Add to that twinkle the sparkle of accessories ranging from carolers to children sledding to vintage cars to an array of true-to-life street scene fixtures. There are even buildings designed for year-round celebrations like Halloween, and soon, Easter. Popular pieces featuring brand names like Harley-Davidson®, Starbuck's Coffee, Ford Motors and John Deere.
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D56 SV 55053L.jpg (32441 bytes)
Totem Town Souvenir Shop

Introduced in Dec 2000


D56 SV 55012L.jpg (18636 bytes)
Last Stop Gas Station
Set of 2

Introduced in May 2000


D56 SV 55006L.jpg (15264 bytes)
Super Suds Laundromat

Introduced in May 2000


D56 SV 52836L.jpg (13381 bytes)
The Backyard Patio
Set of 2

Introduced in May 2000








We Also Have:

A Home In The Making 56.54979 (Set of 5)(Benefits The Habitat For Humanity) $95.00 RETIRED 

Village Legion Hall 56.55080 (Set of 2) $55.00 RETIRED

Holy Spirit Baptistery Music Box 56.55022 $37.50 RETIRED

The Farmer's Co-op Granary 56.54946 $64.00 RETIRED

Main Street Office Building 56.55363 (Includes 4 Signs That Can Be Personalized) $55.00

Dick Clark's American Bandstand 56.55353 $95.00

Silent Night Church 56.55378 $75.00 RETIRED

St. Nick's Toyland 56.55264 (Set of 3) (Battery/Light Cord Option) $75.00




Potted Poinsettias
(set of 4)

Curved Village Gumdrop Road
(set of 4)

Classic Cars

Delivery Truck 56.59454 $20.00

Taxi 56.59417 $20.00

Blue Line Bus 56.59411 $20.00

Halloween Hot Rod 56.55277 $18.50

Village Fire Truck 56.54952 $22.50

Small Taxis $6.50





We Also Have:

Hiking In The North Woods 56.55133 $20.00 RETIRED

Finding The Bird's Song 56.55020 (Set of 2) $25.00 RETIRED

Let It Snow, Let It Snow 56.54923 $20.00 RETIRED

College Kids At Krispy Kreme 56.55135 $17.50 RETIRED

We'll Win For Sure! 56.55251 $15.00 RETIRED

Laundry Day 56.55017 $13.00 RETIRED

We Have A Deal! 56.55261 $17.50

Before The Big Game 56.55019 (Set of 4) $37.50 RETIRED

A Harley-Davidson Holiday 56.54898 $25.00 RETIRED

4th Of July Celebration 56.55141 (Set of 3) $25.00

Santa Comes To Town - 2005 56.55266 (Coca-Cola Series) $35.00 RETIRED

Making A House Call 56.55170 $12.50 RETIRED

Welcome To The Congregation 56.55014 $15.00 RETIRED

On The Way To Ballet Class 56.55031 (Set of 3) $27.50 RETIRED

Can I Open One Now? 56.55264 $18.50

M'm! M'm! Good! 56.55179 $25.00 RETIRED

Going To The Chapel 56.54763 $20.00 RETIRED

Ben & Buddy's Lemonade Stand 56.55144 $20.00 RETIRED

It's Time For An Icy Treat 56.55013 $30.00 RETIRED

Gifts On The Go 56.55035 (Set of 2) $30.00 RETIRED

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