- Season's Bay

A Village for every season.
And every home.

Drift into the daydream of a romantic resort town where you can stroll streets filled with parasols, petticoats, soft breezes and clean, sea air.

Introduced in 1998, this 19th-century seaside vacation spot features six hand-painted porcelain houses that can be lighted and dressed for any season. As well as any room in the house. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, this little piece of paradise is open all year to your imagination.

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#56.53345 Potted Flowers (red) $12.00 RETIRED

#56.53331 Potted Flowers (pink) $12.50 RETIRED

#56.53343 Seasons Bay Sign $10.00 RETIRED

#56.53433 Sandy Beach With Shells $7.50 RETIRED

#56.52763 Mini Sisal Evergreens (Set of 12) $13.00 RETIRED

#56.53384 Winter Trees (Set of 4) $24.00 RETIRED



The Little Book of Wedding Customs & Keepsakes $4.99

Christmas Flamingos (Set of 4) $5.99