Fly with us to a world of magic
and youthful innocence:

Frosty Frolic Land

Once upon a time ...
In a far off wintry land,
Jack Frost grew lonely,
And took the task to hand.
He used his magic powers,
And smiled when he was through,
For what he'd made were Snowbabies,
A joy for me and you.

  In 1987, artist Kristi Jensen Pierro took the inspiration of her children at play and combined it with the wonder of a crisp, new snowfall. The result: the world of magic and youthful innocence known as Snowbabies. Precious and playful, these hand-crafted figurines let you soar on the wings of imagination to a magical time and place.

  The World of             Snowbabies SNOWBABIES™ FIGURINES
   Made of fine porcelain bisque, each of our Snowbabies is meticulously created with hand-painted faces and hand-applied frosty bisque crystals. The wonderfully playful and descriptive titles tell the story of each piece. With Snowbabies ornaments, water globes, keepsake hinged boxes and music boxes, you'll want to expand your collection to 
include them all.

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Babies On The Farm  

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56.69248 "My Gingerbread Friend" $15.00

56.69451 "A Gingerbread Christmas" $65.00


Other Snowbabies Currently In Stock:

56.68950 "Frosty Frolic Friends Ornament" (Walrus) $15.00 

56.69054 "Frosty Frolic Friends Ornament" (Swan) $15.00

56.68941 "Celebrate" $60.00

56.69902 "A Kiss For You And 2000 Too" $50.00

56.69005 "Hit The Mark"  $25.00

56.68933 "You've Got The Cutest Little Baby Face" $32.50

56.69069 "I'm An Artist" set of 3 $22.50

56.68829 "Joy To The World Ornament" $22.50

56.69053 "As Time Goes By" $40.00

56.69025 "Candle Lights" $15.00

56.69085 "Acrylic Ice Ledges" set of 4 $12.00 


Trinket Boxes:     

56.68948 "Hard Landing" $15.00

56.69028 "Take The First Step" $15.00

56.68928 "I'll Ring For You" $15.00

56.68947 "Time Out" $15.00

56.69029 "Super Star" $15.00

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Gentle babies do chores and visit with their animal friends. A colorful extension of Frosty Frolic Land™.

Babies On The Farm Currently In Stock:

56.67506 "Barn Facade" $30.00

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A Kiss For You And 2000 Too, Features Tweety Bird™
Introduced in  1999
Retired in 2000





"First Love"

Water Globe



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56.26424 "Leaving Home" $20.00

56.26323 "Just For You" $16.50

56.26333 "Sweet Violet" $15.00

56.23807 "Pink Picket Fence Accessory" $7.50

56.26425 "Bunny In My Heart" $22.50