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Lilliput Lane & David Winter leads the world in the production of hand-crafted, hand-painted miniature cottages. Each model undergoes a long, and technically challenging production process, beginning with a team of sculptors who scour the countryside looking for outstanding, and interesting buildings. When such a building is found, it is photographed extensively.
Every model undergoes rigorous quality checks at every stage of its production, and only perfect models leave the studios.

We have a limited selection of current and retired Lilliput Lane and David Winter Cottages in stock.

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Currently In Stock:  (updated 10-22-14--Please refresh page.)

Lilliput Lane

L2167  Coca Cola Exclusive                                                         $75.00    "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To"

L2363  Fireman's Watch (2000)                            $170.00

David Winter Cottages 

Audrey's Tea Room (1991) Signed by J. Wells      $250.00

Miss Belle's Cottage (1994)                                   $350.00

Fogarty's  (1991)                                                   $180.00

Greenwood Wagon (cameo)                                   $45.00

Saddle Steps (cameo)                                             $45.00

Dock                                                                      $45.00

Miss Belle's Christmas Plaque (1995--2 Ltd. Ed.) $150.00 each  #2668/4000 and #2669/4000

Welcome Home Cottage (1995)                            $205.00

Christmas Tree  (small)                                           25.00 (2)

CAMEO DIORAMA (1992) 12 places for cameos     $150.00