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* Many scents have changed for the 2008 year. Some have been retired but we may still have them in stock. New scents are also being added at the same time. Call us for details or to place an order.

TRAPP Private Gardens - 2008
Hand-poured Candles and Perfumed Home Spray Mists

"A bottle of perfume in every candle."

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Unique because they contain three to four  times the average amount of fragrance in each candle.
Your room will be fragrant in moments.  To those who experience it, its all the difference in the world.
If you want illumination - buy any candle - but if you want intoxicating fragrance that literally
 permeates your entire house - buy Trapp candles!

Scents include:

Flowers At Sunset

Combination of sophisticated flowers that bloom in the evening.

Exotic Spice

Woodsy, pinion notes combined with oriental spices and clove.

Frankincense & Rain

Worldliness of frankincense blended with rare Mediterranean spices.

Ivy & Thyme

Crisp green notes of ivy, complemented with cleansing notes of thyme.

Bob's Flower Shop

Green, airy notes followed by a rich floral bouquet.


Soft rosemary enhanced with the timelessness of jasmine.


Asiatic patchouli blended with sandalwood and cedar.

Fresh Cut Tuberose

Captures the true power and headiness of the tuberose flower.

Ocean Marine

Oceanic, aquatic notes with a hint of cassis.

Lemongrass Verbena 

Freshness of lemongrass and the light citrus notes of Verbena.

Vanilla Bean

A true vanilla from the heart of a roasted vanilla bean.

Bamboo Sugar Cane

The perfect blend of green, sweet and refreshing.

Blackberry Vanilla

The sweetness of blackberry in perfect harmony with bourbon vanilla.


The lusciousness of a freshly picked apple with a crisp, watery accord.


Collection of old fashioned, classic aromas with a hint of whole cinnamon.

Burmese Wood

Blend of exotic flowers and the depth of Burmese wood.

Exotic Musk

Angelica and coriander carried on a delicate hint of musk.


The essence of whole oranges perfected by a roasted vanilla bean extract.

Amber & Bergamot

Citrus blended perfectly with the deepness of amber.


Succulent mangos complemented by the uniqueness of guava.  

Mediterranean Fig

Lusciousness of a true Mediterranean Fig.  


Fruity note that is succulent with a twist of green that is unforgettable.  


Timelessness of true French lavender from the hills of Provence.  


Fresh, aquatic notes that are truly refreshing and effervescent in nature.

Wild Currant

Memorable combination of red currant and cassis that captures the essence of green, tart, and fruity.

Pink Grapefruit

The tartness of a luscious pink grapefruit.

Sweet Honeysuckle

Yellow and white honeysuckle blossoms with a hint of green leaf.

Tangerine Melon

A new twist- melon complemented with fresh citrus notes.

Sexy Cinnamon

An exciting blending of cinnamon and white grapes.

Tropical Isle

Captures the mood of an island retreat with flavors of the tropics.

Sugared Fruit

Sweet scents of apricot and pear.

Black Pepper

The scent of a whole peppercorn- hearty and robust.

Trapp fragrance sprays (2 oz.)



Created to explore the maximum therapy potential of scent, your Trapp room spray is designed to fill your home with signature fragrance and a new sense of bliss.


Boxed Poured Candles in Glass will burn for approximately 45 hours.                     Retail = $22.99

Votives will burn for 15 - 20 hours.                                                                        Retail = $ 3.99

Glass votive holder with silver Trapp logo                                                               Retail = $  3.99

                Fragrance Spray, 2 oz. (NEW!)                                                                             Retail = $ 5.99                      


Please call us at (757) 220-1805.

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