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Attic Mice

    Attic Mice can be custom-made 
  on a case by case basis with almost any
  occupation, male or female!!!
   Clothing, colors, and props may vary;  each = approximately 4 1/2" tall

       ("Quilter" with sewing machine $20.99,"Quilter" with no accessories $16.99)

baker lady $16.99
Colonial drummer $16.99
(also: "Colonial Fifer",
 and "Colonial Militia")

graduation girl $16.99
crocheting $16.99

knitting $16.99
(also "needlepoint" $16.99)

chef $18.99


(also "Business male or female" 
with brief case and 
Wall Street Journal $16.99 each)

Doctor $16.99

male at computer $20.99
(also comes as female)

Firemouse $18.99

Policemouse $18.99

nail salon $20.99

$16.99  (also "pink hat lady" with a big hat with pink flowers $18.99)

straw hat lady $16.99

Pilgrim with pumpkin $16.99

Not shown:   beauty shop lady $18.99, pharmacist $16.99, Mrs. Claus $16.99, 
Husband of Quilter (says #1 husband he stops for quilt shops) $16.99, and many more!

In stock ships in 3-5 business days; shipping is extra.

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