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Byers' Choice 2002 Introductions

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Salvation Army Series

Salvation Army Doughnut Girl

     The Salvation Army began to fully integrate into American life during the First World War, when Gen. John J. Pershing allowed 250 Salvationists to assist troops near the front lines. There they offered doughnuts, coffee, prayers and small kindnesses. These Salvation Army men and women, (“Sallies” or “Doughnut Girls”), were a welcome sight for many soldiers. The inspiration for our Doughnut Girl was an illustration of Stella, the great aunt of Elsie Busby. This year, Elsie and her husband, John, are retiring as the Salvation Army’s National Commanders.

Thanksgiving Collection  
$56.99 ea.

Halloween Figures

166byers.jpg (24192 bytes)
Halloween Figurines
Witch $58.99
Children $52.99 ea.

Man and Woman with Greens
$60.99 ea.

Adult Travelers
$60.99 ea.

Charles Dickens’ classic tale is brought to life with: 
Scrooge ($50.99), 
Mrs. Cratchit ($50.99), 
the Fezziwigs
(not available), 
and Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim ($90.00)
167byers.jpg (16553 bytes)
Golfer  $64.99
175byers.jpg (21038 bytes)
Baboushka - $59.99
31byers.jpg (18875 bytes)
Nurse  $65.99
161byers.jpg (22948 bytes)
Schoolteacher $59.99 

Children Holding Skates
$53.99 ea.

Boy and Girl with skis
59.99 ea.
skiers.jpg (16810 bytes)
$63.99 ea.
byers choice marshmallow girls.jpg (20361 bytes)
Marshmallow Girls
 91byers.jpg (22890 bytes)
Sea-Faring Carolers
Trader Man      $57.99
Trader's Wife (OUT OF STOCK!)  
Cabin Boy       $50.99
Trader's Daughter  $50.99

Seafaring Figures

byers choice yule man.jpg (23734 bytes)
Yule Man

Byers_Coach_Coachman_2001.JPG (59157 bytes)

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