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Byers' Choice 2003 Introductions

2004 Introductions,   2002 Introductions

Display Santa  $290.00

Nutcracker Vendor  $65.99

Traditional Shopper Kids   $59.99 ea.






Byer's choice has launched a new series this year - inspired by Christmas illustrations from the 1800's.

The first figure launching this new series is Victoria.  She is dressed in her finest attire including a lovely hat. Victoria has been named after Jeff's daughter, Ashlyn Victoria Byers who has the distinction of being the Byers family's only granddaughter.

Colonial Woman 
with Topiary  $58.99

Joyeux Noel  $69.99

Golfers for 2003  $64.99

Spring Gardening Woman

English Fox Hunt  $56.99




A Christmas Carol Series

An American Tradition

Civil War Santa

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2004 Introductions,   2002 Introductions