Governor's Palace


Begun in 1706 as the seat for the Royal Governor, the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg was not completed until 1720 due to a lack of expert artisans in Virginia at the time. Though unhappy about the added L3000 in taxes collected to buld the Palace, the community took great pride in the building upon its completion. The Palace, credited as being the first Georgian house built in America, served as both home and office to the Governor of Williamsburg. Set atop the balustraded roof of the building is a cupola, or lantern as it was originally known, which was lit on the monarch's birthday and other special occasions.

Product Code: CWV05
City: Williamsburg
State: VA
Issue Date: 2001/08/17
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Series: Williamsburg
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Key Location: The key is located on the top part of the gate.
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