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Timothy Seaman
          The music playing is acoustic instrumental music produced and arranged by Timothy Seaman and the talented musicians that helped to engineer these beautiful tunes. (music may take a while to start playing, please be patient)

          Instruments used include the hammered dulcimer, flute, bass flute, bamboo flutes, whistles, bowed and plucked psalteries, guitars, percussion, keyboard, kalimba, bodhran, voice bass, keyboard, percussion,  harpsichord, fiddle, banjar and, of course, voice.

          Both transcendent and down-to-earth, his music can take you on a hike in Shenandoah National Park, celebrate the Colonial times of Williamsburg and Jamestown, explore the wonder of Christmas, relax in rolling meadows, or resonate Celtic drama.

          Timothy Seaman is a highly respected musician who has been featured in news paper articles and on public radio.  The music  featured on our site come from two of his most popular CD's.

         Acoustic soloist Timothy Seaman, a proud native of West Virginia, has lived in Virginia since 1956 and in Williamsburg since 1970. An English graduate from the College of William & Mary and a veteran of nineteen years of school teaching, he has continually been involved in music and has made it his sole endeavor since 1994. His musical achievements have often involved partnerships with guitarists in a folk-jazz-classical blend of styles -- with Paul Montgomery in the early ‘70’s, with Hallett Hullinger for a decade in the trio Springs of Joy, with Chuck Haas in Pilgrim and Midwinter Spring, and currently with Phillip Skeens in StringWind. Major recordings include To the King (1978), with Springs of Joy, and Scratch the Sky (1990), with Midwinter Spring, as well as the nine discs currently available.

          Equally at home on a concert stage, at a reception, in a studio or a classroom, Timothy plays the hammered dulcimer, a large collection of flutes and whistles, bowed and plucked psalteries, melodica, mountain dulcimer and guitar -- both solo and in ensembles -- with a unique emotive and sometimes powerful style revealing influences of such varied players as John McCutcheon, Paul Sullivan, Glenn Gould, Hubert Laws, Arthur Rubinstein, and George Szell. The instruments seem at times to burst forth into a vocal form of expression -- and indeed on occasion his baritone voice’s warmth joins in.
          Mr. Seaman’s performance log includes dates with the Virginia delegates and governors and U.S. Congressmen; Lady Thatcher; concert stages shared with Pierce Pettis, Robin and Linda Williams, Phil Keaggy, Dean Shostak, Bob Zentz,  and Mike Seeger; the Waterford Fair; fourteen First Nights in several cities; the Mordecai Outcry in Lafayette Park, D.C.; An Occasion for the Arts; the Trellis Restaurant and Williamsburg Inn; guest appearances on public radio programs; locations in Hungary, the Netherlands, and Germany; and an invitation to play for the elder President Bush.

          Current works in progress include Virginia Wildlife, for Game and Inland Fisheries; completion of the series of recordings called Places of Abundance: first, a suite of compositions called Trees of the West, then Rocky Mountain National Park and the White Mountains; a Christmas album Profound Joy ; a disc celebrating Jamestown’s 400th anniversary, plus one of Baroque interpretations; a book of folk hymns compiled in lead-sheet form called What Wondrous Love, together with the disc Cleansing Fountain; and a quiet recording Hymns from Childhood.

          "Celebration of Centuries"  is a collection of music - from Celtic to Baroque to current compositions - heralding  the rich heritage of work, joys, and struggles of the varied peoples who helped to establish our  nation in Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia USA.

          Lightfoot Manor Shoppe carries most of his music, on both tapes and CD's.  If you wish to purchase the above mentioned collection, or any others, please call us at (757) 220-1805 to place your order.   Or you may fax your request to (757) 220-2349 along with delivery information, method of payment, and a contact number where you can be reached.

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Celebration of Centuries (1998)---Volume 2 of Places of Abundance focuses on Virginia's historic triangle: Williamsburg, Jamestown & Yorktown. Fresh arrangements of folk and Baroque flow into original pieces for York River State Park and Colonial National Historical Park; the project is sponsored in part by the City of Williamsburg 300th Anniversary Commission. ....involving numerous StringWind duets with Phillip Skeens on guitar. plus Henry Smith's bass and keyboards, Paulette Murphy's keyboard, Thomas Marshall's harpsichord, Joseph Healey's banjar , John Turner's Scottish fiddle, and more. 64 min.

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Sycamore Rapids (2002) ---  Hammered dulcimer adventures out among the trees of Virginia's Parks and Forests.  Most selections are solos or duets on the extended-range dulcimer, with considerable other instrumentation layered in for a fully colored arrangement;  some pieces as well are folk or Baroque, and two feature the flute.  63 min. (Audio clips are under construction.)

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Snow--Covered Ice (1998) ---Recorded live in concert (without the talk or clapping), Yuletide Strings brings their own Scottish-flavored trio style to a unique traditional collection of Christmas tunes. With master Scottish fiddler John Turner and expressive Celtic harper Ardie Boggs.  41 min.

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Quiet in the Meadow (2000)---Volume 3 of Places of Abundance: Gentle Waltzes, Shepherd Airs, and Lullabies for Virginia. A peacefully animated and varied collection including three piano pieces, two harp pieces, and two soft vocals, as well as much hammered dulcimer, flute, and guitar. 52 min.

With Henry Smith, Laurie Jean Seaman, Ardie Boggs, J. Paulette Blair Murphy, and Phillip Skeens.


Incarnation (1994, 1996) ---Collected tunes of Christmas on flutes, hammered dulcimer and guitar, all performed by Mr. Seaman. As in other albums, studio multitracking often creates a true ensemble sound. The style and selections make this playable the year round.  54 min.


Wayfaring Stranger (1995, 2001) ---A collection of favorite tunes, chiefly Celtic, arranged in a varied, flowing, personal manner with an array of flutes joining the hammered dulcimer and guitar. Also with Phillip Skeens' guitar, Paulette Murphy's keyboard, Rowena Seaman's voice ( 1 verse).  62 min.

Other CD's are available upon request.

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